The state of Trustflow, SEO & Citationflow 2018

The state of trust in SEO: 2018

When I was a wee young lad, in the time when people were cheering for Barack to become the prez of the USA, I was in a near fatal car crash.

And that crash changed my outlook on life.

No more employee mentality. No more ‘hoping for the best, but Netflix ‘n chilling.’ I knew in my heart of hearts, that the time had come to build a new career. And so it began.

In that time, having a new business right in the heart of The Hague CS was something everyone wanted. So naturally, it lead me there. There was a new place built there at the time, New Babylon, and it was a great place to create a new entrepreneurial business type of situation. I needed someone to look at my online marketing efforts, so I decided to shop around.

P.S. I don’t live there anymore, I’ve since moved to another city. But here’s some information that you might find useful:

  1. Bryn’s Linkedin profile
  2. An article he wrote about trustflow.

It might be new to you, it might not be. So that’s why I’ll give you a short rundown. 

Trustflow is a metric that indicates how trusted a website is by the standards that Majestic sets. Majestic also has a metric called Citationflow. Both are detailed in Bryn’s article. When comparing your website to one of your competitors, note the different in trust and citation. If there’s a large gap, then that might indicate Google favoring one website over the next. If there’s a small gap, but there’s a lot of traffic going to one website and not a lot going to the other, then that indicates another issue. You see, a tool is just a tool. While great at some things, it won’t be able to replace certain aspects of human thinking.

Speaking about competitor analysis, I read a couple of articles the other day, and I thought they might help you too.

Here’s a list, with a short pre-view of each one:

  1. Moz’s Competitive Analysis Checklist
    1. Moz breaks down a methodology for running a competitive analysis. A basic introduction for small business owners who’d like to become a tad more savvy.
  2. Search Engine Watch’s 5 steps
    1. A step by step guide (pictures provided)
  3. Mention’s 15 tools
    1. Spy on your competitors: how do to it like 007
  4. Neil Patel’s 12 tools
    1. Building a succesful organic traffic pipeline that generates traffic, 101.